Our essay on Europe and European unity

Of all the glories contained in the French foreign
ministry, the most glorious is the Salon de
l’Horloge. Sumptuous in gold and marble, washed
with light slanting up from the River Seine, this is
where ministers from West Germany, Italy, France
and the three Benelux countries put their names
to the Treaty of Paris on April 18th 1951. It is the
founding document of what, four decades later,
became the European Union. You can click to
move around this 3D image of the Salon de


Rajiv Iqbal Rony
It’s a pathetic monument. These golds and
marbles were from former French Colonies. All
these came with a heavy price that involves
sweats and hard labor from the poor people of
former French Colonies. This is a blood image.
Shame on French Government. Regardless of all the negative takes from people,
you have to appreciate the artistry, beauty and
the skill it took to create something this majestic.


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